Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saxon vs. Broun vs. Fleming

Wow, what a night!

Paul Broun, Barry Fleming, and I debated each other for 90 minutes just outside Greensboro (Greene County) last night at Reynolds Plantation. It was truly a great night for this campaign.

The format allowed each of us to give a 10 minute introductory comment and then we spent approximately an hour answering questions from the audience. We had a maximum of two minutes each to answer our questions. Kudo's to the kind residents at Reynolds for treating me fairly and for being so receptive to my views and my approach to this campaign. I truly believe we walked away with some support and especially with respect.

I did not consider any of the questions to be overly difficult. Most were about the economy and immigration. There were none of the tough questions that you would normally expect when you have two Republicans going against a Democrat with a mostly Republican crowd.

My campaign did video the entire debate. We're working on cutting it down to a few small videos from the hour and a half of raw footage. You'll see some great stuff from us over the next few days.

I can assure you of one thing. I'll be your next Congressman if they don't avoid debating me.

I hereby invite the winner of the Republican primary to debate me in every county in the district between July 15th and election day. What do you say boys? Are you game?

Now's the Time!

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