Thursday, May 8, 2008

A in English and A+ in Partisan Politics

My campaign released this news release earlier today.

Congressman receives an ‘A’ in English and an A+ in Partisan Politics

ATHENS - Representative Paul Broun, Jr. is trumpeting his "A in English" award from a special-interest group, but a closer look at his short legislative career shows that the congressman earned a failing grade in most other areas.Democratic candidate Bobby Saxon has released a few more grades for Congressman Broun.

Mathematics - F: Congressman Broun, Jr. clearly needs some remedial work in the subject of math, especially statistics. Two months ago, Broun said that, "roughly 40 percent of the people that are intercepted crossing our border are not Mexicans." In fact, according to the Washington Post, "less than 7 percent are 'Other than Mexicans' (OTM). The 'Aliens from Special Interest Countries' (ASIC) -- most anywhere in the Middle East and a chunk of South Asia -- totaled 297. That's three-hundredths of 1 percent." ("OMG, DHS! ASICs and OTMs!" by Al Kamen, Washington Post, March 12, 2008)

Child Care - F: When it comes to protecting children, Congressman Broun could stand a refresher course – fast. Congressman Broun, Jr. was one of only two to vote against the SAFE Act, a bill that will help law enforcement catch and prosecute those who distribute child pornography over open wireless computer networks. ("Broun one of two to oppose Internet child porn measure" by Blake Aued, Athens Banner-Herald, December 8, 2007)

Economics - F: Congressman Broun, Jr. showed that, like Republican Presidential nominee John McCain, he just doesn't know much about economics. Broun was one of four Georgia Republicans to vote against reauthorizing the Small Business and Innovation Research program, which helps new businesses bring innovative new ideas to market. Perhaps Paul Broun doesn't understand that independent businesses are the backbone of our economy. Perhaps he doesn't care. Either way, a refresher course in capitalism and market economies is in order here. (

Partisan Politics as usual - A+: There is one thing that Paul Broun, Jr. has done well - become a consummate Beltway insider. Despite running as an “maverick" Republican, who was going to stand up to the GOP establishment, Broun has proven himself willing to cozy up to the same establishment he ran against. He was recently supported in glowing terms by all of Georgia's Republican representatives. So, kudos to Congressman Paul Broun, Jr. for getting one subject right. Congressman Paul Broun, Jr. has continued to vote the party line more than 89% of the time even when congress has an approval rating of 22% (Fox News). Does he really have our district’s best interests at heart?

Bobby Saxon is an Iraq War combat veteran and small business owner from Nicholson, Georgia. He is a Major in the Georgia Army National Guard and has served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Pentagon. Bobby attends Bethany United Methodist Church, is a member of the American Legion Post 56 in Jefferson, GA and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2872 in Athens, GA.

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