Monday, April 28, 2008


Well folks, I'm now OFFICIALLY a candidate.

The DPG put on a nice news conference this morning for the four Congressional candidates that are veterans. We must have had a dozen or so media people in attendance. All the big stations were there and I've already read a few posts on the internet. It went well.

I'm proud to be your candidate for Congress. As I said in my remarks this morning, I'm tired of partisan politics and I believe good people must step forward to do the right thing. I believe the majority of voters in this district agree with me and I'm willing to fight hard for the next six months to convince them that I'm the right guy to send to Congress.

With your help and your support we can make a difference.

Funny but unfortunate story at the capital as well. I ran into Republican State Representative Bob Smith from Oconee County, a guy I've known for more than 30 years. Bob's mom taught me in high school and Bob and I used to be members of the same church in Watkinsville. I went over to Bob to say hello and suggested to him that the two of us get a picture together as fellow Oconee County boys. You would have thought I had asked Bob eat a dead worm. He stuck his nose up, put his hand in front of the camera, and ran away so fast I couldn't even say goodbye.

Now, Bob and I have never had a cross word and we've never discussed politics. I still like Bob and I'll happily get my picture taken with him when I'm a Congressman, because I plan to represent everyone in this district. But, Bob's reaction is exactly the kind of partisan politics that we must get away from in this country.

Now's the Time!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend update (26 - 27 April)

It was a big weekend for the campaign!

I had EIGHT events on the calendar this weekend. I met many (literally hundreds) new people and truly feel that we made great progress towards victory this weekend.

The weekend began for us back on Thursday with a trip to Elbert County to see the Jim Ree African American Museum in Elberton. The Elbert County Chamber of Commerce sponsored their business after hours at the museum. It was a real pleasure to meet the great people involved with this important project. Thanks to Chip Rousey (Chairman, Elbert County Board of Education) for hosting my visit and for introducing me to so many people.

Saturday was a busy day...

It began with a visit to downtown Athens at 9AM for the beginning of the festivities for the Athens Twilight bike races. My team and I walked around downtown meeting attendees and handing out literature. I bumped into Gene Dixon as part of this visit. Gene is a living legend in the Athens biking community. He was conducting his 29th Athens Twilight. He literally started the race 29 years ago. He's doing it fulltime now with

Next we travelled down to Morgan County for Madison Fest 2008. It was a great festival on the town square in Madison, GA. This event was especially great for getting a feel for moderate and conservative voters. There's a lot of disinterest in the Republican primary in this district. These voters definitely showed a willingness to vote for me.

We left Madison and headed to Oglethorpe County to attend a BBQ at the home of a supporter, a retired Sergeant Major and an Artilleryman too. On the way to Lexington we passed through Greene County and crossed over Lake Oconee and I saw a whole bunch of folks fishing so we turned around and went back and did a little campaigning, story telling, and fishing. It was fun and we picked up a few votes as well.

The Sergeant Major had quite a shindig with lots of BBQ, guitar playing, and plenty of good people that were passionate about their politics. I made some new friends and picked up a few new advocates as well.

The last event of the day took me back to Athens for the evening version of Athens Twilight. I think Gene told me there were about 30,000 people there. It was fun and I got a chance to say a few words on the finish line stage during the feature race.

Sunday was just as busy...

The day started with a DCCC event in Decatur. My friend, Congressman Hank Johnson, was a wonderful host and I also got a chance to talk politics with Congressman Steny Hoyer, the house majority leader, and Congresswoman Kathy Castor.

I rushed back to Athens after the DCCC event and right into a great picnic at Sandy Creek Park. Athens Pride held a picnic there and I was invited to meet and greet the members. It was a great event and I'm glad I had an opportunity to discuss LGBT issues with this group.

The last event of the day took me to Oconee County for the Sustainability event at the home of Neal and Pat Priest. Neal and Pat have done an absolutely amazing job of outfitting their home to most benefit the environment. I was impressed with their water capture systems, solar energy panels and their eco-friendly landscaping. Gwen O'Looney was there too and she had an exhibit that showed the items that can be recycled in the local area.

And to top off the weekend I moved back into first place in my fantasy NASCAR league. My lead is only two points but after nine weeks I've still got a shot at the title. Kurt Busch killed me this weekend. I went with him as my longshot and and he finished 39th. Picking his brother made up for it since he finished 1st.

The bottom line for the weekend is that I'm even more enthused about winning this congressional seat. I'm convinced that many people are looking for better representation and that I'm the kind of Democrat that can win this district. Many voters have indicated to me that they like my moderate views on the issues combined with my responsible approach to solving real problems for ALL voters in this district. It's time we moved past partisan politics and started being Americans again.

I've got a big week coming up as well. Qualification on Monday; fundrasiers on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday; the National Day of Prayer with my church, Bethany United Methodist, on Thursday, and a little bit of work with my company, PC POWERUSER, INC., mixed in too.

Now's the Time!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Our Congressman's April Fools Prescription

On April 1st our representative in Congress gave America what he called a “prescription” for dealing with our nation’s energy problems. Some of his remedies are well-intended, such as his call for tax relief for Georgia motorists and his emphasis on alternative fuel production. However, he must understand that making a vague diagnosis based on complex and serious symptoms will not make America healthier.

Once again, our representative in Washington has failed to realize that real problems are solved by action, not cheesy rhetoric. Instead of complaining about an unpopular policy proposal, he should consider actually voting for legislation that solves today’s problems. He should have voted for The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, an initiative that passed with nearly 76% bipartisan support and was signed into law by President Bush on December 19, 2007. This law raises fuel economy standards by 40% and mandates a five fold increase in the use of bio-fuels.

Mr. Broun may feel that blaming the Democrats for $3.25 gas is the way to get re-elected. However, I believe the good people of the 10th district won’t fall for his April Fools political rant. I believe they’re as tired of political extremists as I am and they’re ready for bi-partisan representation like I offer.

Like the good doctor, I have an oath to uphold as well: to abide by the principles of Duty, Honor, and Country, and that’s what I intend to do when I’m a Congressman.

Now’s the time!

Nascar Week 7

For the second time in seven weeks I've managed to climb to the top of the National Guard Fantasy Racing League. YES!

I'm a big fan of Nascar and watch or listen to nearly every race. The only sport that I love more is GEORGIA BULLDOG FOOTBALL. Of course, I love my DAWGS but for 36 Sundays a year (Sometimes a Saturday instead) I can't wait for "Gentleman, Start your engines!".

I got involved in this league in 2004 but didn't get to be a player. I had to wait until 2005 to enter my first team. That year wasn't so good for my team. It had a lot to do with the fact I spent the whole year in Baghdad with the 3rd Infantry Division.

Last year I finished 6th in a league of 50 players. I had a late season surge to overcome a horrendous start. I was around 45th after Busch and Stewart wrecked each other in the final laps of the Daytona 500.

This year has been a great year for me so far. I began the season with a strong finish in Daytona (2nd) and haven't dropped below 3rd for the season. This week I moved into 1st for the second time thanks to a great pick with Carl Edwards. I was the only player in the top ten to pick him as my "A" driver.

Overall it was a good weekend for Saxon Racing. My son, Will, brother Mark, and nephew, Mason all moved up positions with strong finishes in Texas.

In case you're wondering. I'm a Hendrick Motorsports follower. Go National Guard and Go Junior!