Saturday, May 24, 2008

Campaigning (Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend)

The day began with a quick trip to Atlanta for the DPG State Committee meeting. As a state committee member I was allowed to vote on the slate of delegates to the DNC meeting in Denver. I know many of the delegates and it was a pleasure to cast a vote for them. I know they'll do a great job.

After spending my morning in Atlanta, I headed back up to my district and straight to Banks County for the "Day at the Fort" celebration at the Fort Hollingsworth Fort in the Hollingsworth community near Alto, GA. It was a great event with lots of vintage dancing, music, and reenactments. I arrived at the fort not too long after the rain let up so I was happy I stayed dry.

I then traveled from Banks to Stephens County and the trip was uneventful until I got into the town of Toccoa. I know Toccoa pretty well since I commanded Service Battery, 1/214th FA there back in 2003 - 2004. However, the 20th Annual Poke Sallit Festival was a little difficult to find but well worth the extra time. I had heard of Poke Sallit but had never eaten any until Saturday. Boy, have I been missing some good eatin'. Throw in a little fatback, which I love, and I was in hog heaven (pun intended). The good folks at the festival said I was the first Congressional candidate that had visited them in 20 years. Maybe, I'll be back next year as a Congressman.

I left Toccoa and headed right down Big A road to Lavonia and then to Hartwell, GA in Hart County. The Cars & Guitars, Under the Stars festival was in full swing by the time I got there. I'm a car buff and it was great to see so many autos on display representing many generations of great design. I met a lot of people at this festival and we had some wonderful conversations about the economy, immigration, and Iraq. The best booth I visited was the one for the Ferst Foundation. This great group got started down in Madison, GA and it's goal is to provide a new book a month to every child under five in the counties they serve. Please help this organization in your county.

My trip back to Nicholson was eventful because I decided to take a few roads I don't normally travel. I stumbled across a great Mud Boggin' hole in Madison County and not too far down the road I had to stop while a guy herded his goats down the side of the road. Both of these made me think of the saying "American by birth, Southern by the grace of God". I'm proud as heck to be both.

Now's the Time!

Saxon vs. Broun vs. Fleming

Wow, what a night!

Paul Broun, Barry Fleming, and I debated each other for 90 minutes just outside Greensboro (Greene County) last night at Reynolds Plantation. It was truly a great night for this campaign.

The format allowed each of us to give a 10 minute introductory comment and then we spent approximately an hour answering questions from the audience. We had a maximum of two minutes each to answer our questions. Kudo's to the kind residents at Reynolds for treating me fairly and for being so receptive to my views and my approach to this campaign. I truly believe we walked away with some support and especially with respect.

I did not consider any of the questions to be overly difficult. Most were about the economy and immigration. There were none of the tough questions that you would normally expect when you have two Republicans going against a Democrat with a mostly Republican crowd.

My campaign did video the entire debate. We're working on cutting it down to a few small videos from the hour and a half of raw footage. You'll see some great stuff from us over the next few days.

I can assure you of one thing. I'll be your next Congressman if they don't avoid debating me.

I hereby invite the winner of the Republican primary to debate me in every county in the district between July 15th and election day. What do you say boys? Are you game?

Now's the Time!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Thursday night on Big A Road - Toccoa GA

I last passed through Toccoa a few weeks back when my son, Will, and I were heading to Lake Burton for a camping/fishing trip. We stopped in one of the big grocery stores on our way up to "stock up" with the good stuff two men need when they go camping. You know, pop tarts, Oreo’s, eggs, bacon, and milk. We know how to do it right.

Yesterday I was in Toccoa for the monthly meeting of the Stephens County Democrats. They had a very nice gathering at the Quincy's on Big A road. Who can complain about good political discussion combined with something as southern as the Quincy's buffet?

All the local democratic candidates were in attendance and each had an opportunity to speak. It looks like the team is working hard to field good sensible candidates in Stephens.

I spoke for about 15 minutes and then fielded a few questions. The same topics always come up; the Economy, Iraq, and Healthcare. People are hurting in this country and they want responsible leadership that will work to solve real problems. They're tired of partisan rhetoric. I spoke honestly and responsibly about solving problems. I know we have a lot of work ahead of us. We just have to begin the job immediately. I'm ready!

Now's the Time!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A in English and A+ in Partisan Politics

My campaign released this news release earlier today.

Congressman receives an ‘A’ in English and an A+ in Partisan Politics

ATHENS - Representative Paul Broun, Jr. is trumpeting his "A in English" award from a special-interest group, but a closer look at his short legislative career shows that the congressman earned a failing grade in most other areas.Democratic candidate Bobby Saxon has released a few more grades for Congressman Broun.

Mathematics - F: Congressman Broun, Jr. clearly needs some remedial work in the subject of math, especially statistics. Two months ago, Broun said that, "roughly 40 percent of the people that are intercepted crossing our border are not Mexicans." In fact, according to the Washington Post, "less than 7 percent are 'Other than Mexicans' (OTM). The 'Aliens from Special Interest Countries' (ASIC) -- most anywhere in the Middle East and a chunk of South Asia -- totaled 297. That's three-hundredths of 1 percent." ("OMG, DHS! ASICs and OTMs!" by Al Kamen, Washington Post, March 12, 2008)

Child Care - F: When it comes to protecting children, Congressman Broun could stand a refresher course – fast. Congressman Broun, Jr. was one of only two to vote against the SAFE Act, a bill that will help law enforcement catch and prosecute those who distribute child pornography over open wireless computer networks. ("Broun one of two to oppose Internet child porn measure" by Blake Aued, Athens Banner-Herald, December 8, 2007)

Economics - F: Congressman Broun, Jr. showed that, like Republican Presidential nominee John McCain, he just doesn't know much about economics. Broun was one of four Georgia Republicans to vote against reauthorizing the Small Business and Innovation Research program, which helps new businesses bring innovative new ideas to market. Perhaps Paul Broun doesn't understand that independent businesses are the backbone of our economy. Perhaps he doesn't care. Either way, a refresher course in capitalism and market economies is in order here. (

Partisan Politics as usual - A+: There is one thing that Paul Broun, Jr. has done well - become a consummate Beltway insider. Despite running as an “maverick" Republican, who was going to stand up to the GOP establishment, Broun has proven himself willing to cozy up to the same establishment he ran against. He was recently supported in glowing terms by all of Georgia's Republican representatives. So, kudos to Congressman Paul Broun, Jr. for getting one subject right. Congressman Paul Broun, Jr. has continued to vote the party line more than 89% of the time even when congress has an approval rating of 22% (Fox News). Does he really have our district’s best interests at heart?

Bobby Saxon is an Iraq War combat veteran and small business owner from Nicholson, Georgia. He is a Major in the Georgia Army National Guard and has served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Pentagon. Bobby attends Bethany United Methodist Church, is a member of the American Legion Post 56 in Jefferson, GA and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2872 in Athens, GA.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Franking my dear, I do give a D...

My campaign released this news release earlier today.

Saxon Challenges Opponents on Franking

ATHENS - Bobby Saxon, candidate for Georgia’s Tenth Congressional District, released the following statement in regards to his opponent’s regular use of franking.

“In light of the recent barrage of ‘franked’ mail from our Congressman and his recent campaign mailing about the promises he has kept, I have decided to make a promise of my own. When I get to Congress, I promise the citizens of this District that I will not waste their tax dollars by forcing them to fund my campaign.

“I will limit my franking privileges to two specific uses. First, I will ensure that my constituents are served properly and I will respond to their letters in a timely fashion. Secondly, I will provide a quarterly update on my legislative activities for the previous quarter and my planned actions for the next quarter.

“The Representative’s primary opponent has done a good job politicizing the issue in his favor, but he has made no specific pledge to limit his use of franking. Unlike the challenger, I’m not competing to be the next establishment politician with a personal agenda in Washington. As a soldier and an officer, I know the true meaning of responsibility, whether it’s to my men or to my country.

“I am now calling on my opponents to set aside partisan politics and join me in this pledge. The good citizens of our district deserve responsible representation. I’m willing to offer that. Are my opponents?”

Bobby Saxon is an Iraq War combat veteran and small business owner from Nicholson, Georgia. He is a Major in the Georgia Army National Guard and has served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Pentagon. Bobby attends Bethany United Methodist Church, is a member of the American Legion Post 56 in Jefferson, GA and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2872 in Athens, GA.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

National Day of Prayer

Last Wednesday I had the joy of participating in the National Day of Prayer with my church, Bethany United Methodist, of Jefferson, GA. It was truly a moving event.

Bethany was asked to coordinate the activities for Jackson County for the National Day of Prayer. Johnny Ray, my pastor, did a great job of pulling together a half dozen or so pastors from churches throughout the county.

We all gathered on the old courthouse lawn in front of the memorial to the fallen servicemen and women from Jackson County. It was a beautiful day for this event.

Each participant was asked to step before the gathered crowd and pray for a specific group or segment of our population. I was asked to pray on behalf of the military and it was truly an honor. As most of you know I'm an active member of the Georgia Army National Guard as well as an Iraq combat veteran.

I'd like to thank the other churches that participated as well as the Jackson County High School ROTC program for providing the color guard. Those young men and women looked great and did a wonderful job of presenting the colors.

God Bless America!