Saturday, May 24, 2008

Campaigning (Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend)

The day began with a quick trip to Atlanta for the DPG State Committee meeting. As a state committee member I was allowed to vote on the slate of delegates to the DNC meeting in Denver. I know many of the delegates and it was a pleasure to cast a vote for them. I know they'll do a great job.

After spending my morning in Atlanta, I headed back up to my district and straight to Banks County for the "Day at the Fort" celebration at the Fort Hollingsworth Fort in the Hollingsworth community near Alto, GA. It was a great event with lots of vintage dancing, music, and reenactments. I arrived at the fort not too long after the rain let up so I was happy I stayed dry.

I then traveled from Banks to Stephens County and the trip was uneventful until I got into the town of Toccoa. I know Toccoa pretty well since I commanded Service Battery, 1/214th FA there back in 2003 - 2004. However, the 20th Annual Poke Sallit Festival was a little difficult to find but well worth the extra time. I had heard of Poke Sallit but had never eaten any until Saturday. Boy, have I been missing some good eatin'. Throw in a little fatback, which I love, and I was in hog heaven (pun intended). The good folks at the festival said I was the first Congressional candidate that had visited them in 20 years. Maybe, I'll be back next year as a Congressman.

I left Toccoa and headed right down Big A road to Lavonia and then to Hartwell, GA in Hart County. The Cars & Guitars, Under the Stars festival was in full swing by the time I got there. I'm a car buff and it was great to see so many autos on display representing many generations of great design. I met a lot of people at this festival and we had some wonderful conversations about the economy, immigration, and Iraq. The best booth I visited was the one for the Ferst Foundation. This great group got started down in Madison, GA and it's goal is to provide a new book a month to every child under five in the counties they serve. Please help this organization in your county.

My trip back to Nicholson was eventful because I decided to take a few roads I don't normally travel. I stumbled across a great Mud Boggin' hole in Madison County and not too far down the road I had to stop while a guy herded his goats down the side of the road. Both of these made me think of the saying "American by birth, Southern by the grace of God". I'm proud as heck to be both.

Now's the Time!

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