Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bobby Saxon calls on Congressman to refund taxpayer money

My campaign released this press release earlier today.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 19, 2008Contact: 706-549-2862, media@bobbysaxon.com

Bobby Saxon calls on Congressman to refund taxpayer money

ATHENS, GA – Bobby Saxon, Democratic nominee for the Georgia 10th Congressional District, calls on Congressman Paul Broun, Jr. to refund taxpayer money he wastefully spent on self promoting mailers."I am shocked and dismayed with today’s news that Congressman Broun would be so careless with taxpayer money. He has regularly voted against the interests of hardworking Georgia families; voting against critical programs for needy children, benefits for veterans, and against stronger law enforcement for child pornography, all the while spending our tax dollars promoting his name,” Saxon said.

“Today I call on Paul Broun, Jr. to refund the $562,000 of hard earned taxpayer money that he spent on shameless self promotion. Congressman Broun's hypocritical position on government spending illustrates the need for true positive change in the 10th District. If elected, unlike Congressman Broun, I will provide the responsible leadership this district deserves."

Bobby Saxon is an Iraq War combat veteran and small business owner from Nicholson, Georgia. He is a Major in the Georgia Army National Guard and has served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Pentagon. Bobby attends Bethany United Methodist Church, is a member of the American Legion Post 56 in Jefferson, GA and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2872 in Athens, GA.

Visit http://www.bobbysaxon.com/ for more information.

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Anonymous said...

Bobby! Thanks for what you are doing! Please let people know that Paul Broun voted AGAINST the ADA amendment.

Allie said...

Bobby we are so excited you're running against Broun! I can't wait to get him out of office and I've only lived here for a year haha.