Monday, July 21, 2008

Responsible Alternatives in the GA 10th

My campaign released this press release earlier today.

Bobby Saxon offers responsible alternative in GA-10

ATHENS, GA – It looks like some political pundits need help remembering that Georgia’s election season doesn’t end in July.

In a July 17 article of the Wall Street Journal called “Dr. Broun Goes Back to Washington,” columnist John Fund writes, “Dr. Broun will be going back to Washington next year, having won 71% in last night's primary.” There is no mention of Bobby Saxon or his November challenge against Congressman Broun.

“If Mr. Fund had done some research before he wrote this article, he’d have realized that I carried eight counties against both Representative Fleming AND Congressman Broun," said Saxon. "In five of those counties, I carried more votes than my two opponents put together. Last Tuesday, 18,000 Republicans showed they were disappointed enough by Congressman Broun’s performance to vote against their sitting incumbent. That’s not a small number, and definitely not one that the media should be ignoring in a democracy where every vote counts.

“Folks still have nearly four months to make up their minds on their own. We don’t need the Washington establishment and big-shot political pundits pressuring people on how to vote, and we definitely don’t need a Wall Street Journal writer already declaring our next Congressman before anyone has a say.

“I invite Mr. Fund to call me before he writes anymore articles about the 10th district of Georgia. We can discuss my desire to solve real problems in this district in a responsible and bipartisan way.”

Bobby Saxon is an Iraq War combat veteran and small business owner from Nicholson, Georgia. He is a Major in the Georgia Army National Guard and has served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Pentagon. Bobby attends Bethany United Methodist Church, is a member of the American Legion Post 56 in Jefferson, GA and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2872 in Athens, GA.

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Jessica said...

Wow - way to push back. Don't let them railroad you just because you're running in a "red" state. Hopefully your press release will get some attention and make people take notice.

Good job.