Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The good doctor needs a vaccination for fiscal irresponsibility

My campaign released this press release earlier today.

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The good doctor needs a vaccination for fiscal irresponsibility

ATHENS, GA - Yesterday, broke the news that Congressman Paul Broun Jr.’s chief of staff has left in the face of mounting controversy surrounding Broun’s budget crisis. Bobby Saxon, candidate for Congress in the 10th District, voiced his concern about the resignation.

“This news is disturbing,” said Saxon. “We already knew that Congressman Broun’s office was in bad shape, but his chief of staff’s resignation shows that our district’s budget crisis won’t be going away anytime soon. Congressman Broun simply reached too deep into the taxpayer-funded cookie jar, and his constituents are going to pay the price. If Congressman Broun can no longer afford to pay his Washington staff, how can we expect him to serve the approximately 700,000 people that he represents?

“Congressman Broun preaches ‘fiscal responsibility,’ which has involved voting down crucial veteran and children’s programs. At the same time, however, he has no problem spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to fund his re-election campaign. His ‘do as I say, not as I do’ approach to governing is a double standard, and not the kind of thing that folks in this district need.

“When I’m representing the people of the 10th District, I’ll use taxpayer dollars wisely to make constituency services as easy and accessible as possible. I’ll never use their money recklessly, and I’ll certainly never use it to fund my re-election at the taxpayer’s expense.”

Bobby Saxon is an Iraq War combat veteran and small business owner from Nicholson, Georgia. He is a Major in the Georgia Army National Guard and has served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Pentagon. Bobby attends Bethany United Methodist Church, is a member of the American Legion Post 56 in Jefferson, GA and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2872 in Athens, GA.

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Dan Parker said...

While lobbying for the new GI Bill this spring I got so tired of legislators opposing the new GI Bill on the grounds of it being new spending, which in some people's eyes is always evil. Good work and good luck Bobby.