Monday, April 28, 2008


Well folks, I'm now OFFICIALLY a candidate.

The DPG put on a nice news conference this morning for the four Congressional candidates that are veterans. We must have had a dozen or so media people in attendance. All the big stations were there and I've already read a few posts on the internet. It went well.

I'm proud to be your candidate for Congress. As I said in my remarks this morning, I'm tired of partisan politics and I believe good people must step forward to do the right thing. I believe the majority of voters in this district agree with me and I'm willing to fight hard for the next six months to convince them that I'm the right guy to send to Congress.

With your help and your support we can make a difference.

Funny but unfortunate story at the capital as well. I ran into Republican State Representative Bob Smith from Oconee County, a guy I've known for more than 30 years. Bob's mom taught me in high school and Bob and I used to be members of the same church in Watkinsville. I went over to Bob to say hello and suggested to him that the two of us get a picture together as fellow Oconee County boys. You would have thought I had asked Bob eat a dead worm. He stuck his nose up, put his hand in front of the camera, and ran away so fast I couldn't even say goodbye.

Now, Bob and I have never had a cross word and we've never discussed politics. I still like Bob and I'll happily get my picture taken with him when I'm a Congressman, because I plan to represent everyone in this district. But, Bob's reaction is exactly the kind of partisan politics that we must get away from in this country.

Now's the Time!


Oconee Democrat said...

Congrats Bobby - wish I had been there

Doug Heckman said...


It was an honor to be with you at the Qualifying event. I, for one, believe you will make an excellent Representative - someone who would look for and work for solutions - instead of the partisan gridlock in DC. Best of luck and I look forward to sharing perspective with you!

Doug Heckman